Sales, Netherlands

Sales Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Provides sales outsourcing and process improvement services to both startup and established businesses.
  • Provides independent sales representation, engineering solutions, compliance and test equipment, embedded hardware and software design services for manufacturers.
  • The Group's focus is on market efficiency through sales outsourcing. Helps move products and services in Federal defence department and other areas.
  • Provides technical sales lead generation solutions to technology companies targeting large organisations in Europe and North America.
  • IT sales acceleration and outsourcing company designed specifically for emerging US and European enterprise technology companies.
  • Creates and executes high-level new business and telemarketing campaigns through highly qualified appointments with senior executives.
  • Offers outsourced sales programs, strategies and resources for technology, telecom, professional and financial services companies.
  • Provides total market management services including sales, marketing and customer support.
  • Offers outbound email marketing and customer relationship solutions.
  • National sales consulting and sales outsourcing firm that provides coaching, support, process development, sales advice and strategy solutions.