Hardware, Netherlands

Hardware Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of metal stampings including electrical terminals, contacts, strain reliefs, clips and splices for the electronic, electrical wire and textile braid
  • Manufacturer of a wide range of connectors and terminals, interconnection systems, cables and assemblies, mechanical and fiber optic components, and accessories.
  • Manufactures and sells explosion proof containers including rigid and flexible conduits, armoured cable, lighting fixtures, junction boxes, and components including
  • Manufacturers of conduits, junction boxes, cables, and earthing equipment. List of products and customers.
  • Distributors of earthing equipment.
  • Wholesale electronic hardware, components and aerospace electromechanics.
  • Manufacturer of busbars. Located in Waterford, Ireland.
  • Manufacturer of silver and copper electrical contacts, arc chutes, and shunts. Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • A manufacturer of floor protections for cables and tubes, power poles and posts, plinths aluminium and Pvc, floor boxes.
  • Provides custom and off-the-shelf PCI mezzanine card (PMC) hardware and software for data acquisition, peripheral connect, serial communications, and engineering