Flow, Netherlands

Flow Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Online fluid sensors, analyzers and dosing systems.
  • Offers technical support for ultrasonic flow measurement. Provides the means to develop an ultrasonic flow meter using technology based on the sing-around method, which
  • Manufactures orifice plates and other flow measurement differential devices.
  • Manufactures corrosion-resistant plastic fluid flow valves, pipes, pneumatic and electric actuators, vortex flow meters and backwashable filters.
  • Flow meters useful for hydro-electric plants, low head dam flow measurements, turbine efficiency, spillway discharge measurements, and flow monitoring at short intake
  • Manufacturer of measuring and monitoring equipment for flow and level as well as the necessary secondary instrumentation and accessories. From Germany.
  • Manufacturer of standard and specialty flow instrumentation (low flow, and/or high accuracy) and controls.
  • Manufactures portable instrumentation under the brand name, Meter-Master, including flow recorders, pressure recorders, data loggers, flow monitors, data collection and
  • Turbine flow meters and custom designed flow measurement systems for users in the automotive, aerospace/defense, process/manufacturing and metrology industries.
  • Manufactures flow measurement equipment including orifice plates, nozzles, venturis, venturi nozzles, others.
  • Measurement and control design, installation. Also, manufactures induction flow meters and calorie counters.
  • Mass flow controllers for fluid measurement and control.
  • Variable area, magnetic-inductive, ultrasonic, mass flowmeters; level measuring instruments; flow controllers. Manufacturer, global supplier.
  • Manufactures gas flowmeters that have high accuracy, fast response, and low pressure drop. This includes a line of general purpose flowmeters as well as a line of OEM
  • Manufactures positive displacement flow meters and fuel systems for low flow rates.
  • Water treatment industry products including universal venturi tubes, flow controller and measurement tools. Also, information on sealed metering and rate of flow. An SPX
  • Manufactures water and wastewater treatment products for municipal and industrial markets including leak detectors and metering, plunger, gear, rotary pumps.
  • Manufactures piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters, for use in the petroleum, chemical, industrial, food processing, agricultural industries.
  • Innovative solutions for UHP gas systems: mass flow controller, high purity valve, gas systems. From France.
  • Manufacturing hygienic and magnetic flowmeters and systems for measuring liquids in the food and beverage industry. From Sweden.
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