Computer Based, Netherlands

Computer Based Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of spread spectrum, PN code, PN sequence, and PRBS generators for use in the development of DSSS, FHSS, CDMA, WCDMA, and other wireless communication
  • High resolution oscilloscopes and FFT spectrum analyzers. PC based oscilloscopes and data loggers.
  • ATE signal analysis, device control, testing, waveform collection, data storage, playback and analysis of data collected from test systems.
  • Manufacturer of precision test and measurement instruments and sensors, specializing in accelerometers and VXI products.
  • VXI Technology is a leading supplier of high-density modular test, measurement and data acquisition instruments.
  • PC-Based, Test and Measurement instrumentation and data acquisition (DAQ) devices and GPIB control devices.
  • Refurbished Hewlett Packard workstations and computer operated test stations.
  • Manufactures and sells PC based digital storage oscilloscopes, logic and spectrum analyzers, and pattern generators.
  • Computer cards for testing, measurement, data acquisition and signal conditioning.
  • Programmable frequency generators that connect to the serial port of a PC computer or PDA.
  • PC based instruments, logic analyzer, data generator, USB interface, pattern generator, DSO, oscilloscope, test and measurement.
  • Portable data acquisition systems with plug-in signal conditioning; portable power quality analyzers for 50/60 Hz and 400 Hz applications, video+data acquisition,
  • Data acquisition cards, USB, PCI bus, and ethernet based real time automation.
  • Software and clips to demonstrate how to measure noise using your own computer with a number of concrete examples.
  • Computer controlled spectrum analyzer, DMM, O'scope, function generator. USB port controlled instruments.