Market Research, Netherlands

Market Research Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Publishes market analyses of new technologies for the communications industries, and provides market intelligence and strategy consulting for its client companies.
  • Internet market statistics, news and reports. Focus on comparing its market data results with those published by other well-known consulting groups.
  • Provides customized research and consulting on Web globalization and wireless technologies.
  • Research specializing in electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), electronic statement presentment (ESP), and multi-channel e-business (MCEB).
  • Advanced Digital Research
  • Telephone (CATI), door-to-door, mall intercept, self-administered (such as employee surveys), fax and internet surveys.
  • Qualitative market research firm with a focus on technology and online research.
  • Michael Rigby Associates specialise in internet marketing, market research, PR and fact-based marketing for the building, window and home improvement industries.
  • State of the art market research and analysis including: data mining, Web surveys, mail surveys, Web focus groups, information searches, and market scans.
  • Research group specializing in market analysis; niche marketing and segmentation analysis; competitive intelligence; regulatory analysis; competition policy; and market
  • Conducts research related to e-business strategy, interactive marketing, Web development, and government policy issues related to the knowledge based economy.
  • Customer interaction research and online market research consulting.
  • Marketing information service researching the impact of electronic communication and the Internet on the provision of healthcare. Electronic newsletter available.
  • The MSC - innovation in online research methods and Internet market research services. Offering online survey and website evaluation products as well as web and ad
  • Provider of database products and direct marketing solutions to the high-tech and communications industries in the United States, Canada and Europe.