Amateur and CB Radio, Netherlands

Amateur and CB Radio Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of amateur radios, CB radios and accessories.
  • A privately owned company offering RF and audio equipment for commercial and amateur radio markets. Includes company and product information, product specifications and
  • Amplifiers, antenna tuners, user manuals, photo tour, international dealer list.
  • Two-way radios for the commercial and amateur markets. Includes product documentation.
  • Manufacturer of commercial and amateur VHF and UHF radio equipment.
  • Amateur radio and UHF micro-transceivers. Product specifications, manuals, dealer locator, and links.
  • Authority On Radio Communications, Inc. Manufacturer of receivers, frequency stabilizers, and related equipment.
  • Manufacturer of telegraphy keys, bugs and keyers as well as spare parts and repair service.
  • Manufacturer of amateur radio paddles, keys, antennas and filters.
  • Repeater controller products, featuring repeater controllers, digital voice recorder units, EPROMS, and manuals.
  • Manufacturer of microphones, headsets and accessories for the amateur radio market.
  • Supplier of demodulators and related software as well as custom design and production services for electronic systems.
  • Manufacturer of amplifiers and related equipment for the amateur market as well as RF power products for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.
  • Small electronics researcher, developer, and manufacturer located in Tampa, FL. Commercial and Amateur Radio sales and support.
  • Manufacturer of repeater controllers, tone panels and telephone interconnects..
  • Designs and manufactures specialized multi-unit equipment for the amateur radio and communications markets.
  • Manufactures antennas, SWR meters and power supplies primarily for the Amateur Radio market.
  • Manufacturers of the antennas and radio parts principally for the amateur market as well as military, commercial, and emergency use.
  • Antennas and accessories for amateur radios. Photo and audio galleries, reviews, and list of dealers.
  • Designers and manufacturer of keys, paddles and bugs for transmission of Morse code and related modes.
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