VoIP, Netherlands

VoIP Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Wholesale voice over internet services.
  • PC-phone internet voice service provider based in the United Kingdom.
  • PC-Phone or device-to-phone United Kingdom based service.
  • Peer to peer internet voice service. Mac, Windows and Linux versions available. Users may call landlines and cellphones for a fee; users may call each other for free.
  • Ringio provides a small business phone system.
  • PC-to-Phone service for outbound calls only. Software download required.
  • Offers monthly billing and pre-paid PC-to-Phone VoIP services. Also supports broadband telephone adapter for use without PC.
  • Provides Voice over IP and telecom service to international clients.
  • A full featured VoIP/broadband phone to phone service primarily for calls within the US.
  • Offers VoIP-based PC-to-Phone, Broadband Phone and Calling Card services.
  • Prepaid system for PC-to-phone and web initiated phone-to-phone using VoIP.
  • VoIP service offering phone-to-phone with device. Various features and calling plans.
  • VoIP wholesale international termination services provider.
  • Voice-over-IP news, supplier directory and chatrooms for discussing related industry topics.
  • A communications infrastructure provider includes IP systems, services, softswitches, and phones.
  • Free VoIP resources, including online bandwidth calculators, white papers, books, a directory and a forum.
  • Offers flat-rate unlimited calling within the USA and Canada. Uses analog telephone handsets via broadband telephone adapter.
  • VoIP provider offers full feature set with voice mail, caller ID, etc. Requires supplied broadband phone adapter.
  • VoIP provider offering residential and business plans.
  • Pre-paid VOIP services. H.323 IP phone, gateway, gatekeeper, NetMeeting or any other H.323 compliant terminal necessary.
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