Wholesale and Distribution, Netherlands

Wholesale and Distribution Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • USA. Suppliers of spun and filament sewing threads, from polyester and polyamide. Also, webbings, hook and loop fasteners, zippers, and plastic hardware for the garment
  • Out of copyright book from 1920 about natural dyes and mordants, and the early development and applications of synthetic dyestuffs, scanned and published on Straw.Com by
  • Switzerland. World wide distributors of Swiss made, carded and combed long staple cotton yarns. Also, synthetic spun yarns. Part of Spoerry and Co, AG. [English and
  • UK. Wholesale suppliers of custom plied, open-end and ring spun indigo denim yarns for hand and machine knitting applications, from cotton.
  • Hong Kong. Consultants to the synthetic yarn spinning industry. Also, project design and personnel training, and plant safety, maintenance and utility assistance.
  • USA. Brokers of spun and filament yarns, from cotton, viscose and polyester. Also, supplies of odd lots.
  • USA. Wholesale of natural and dyed designer yarns on cones and skeins for industrial knitting and weaving, and handicraft. Detailed product listing.
  • USA. Distributors of regular, fancy and metallic yarns for knitting and weaving. Custom dyeing and styling services. Extensive product catalogs, with technical
  • Manufacturers' representatives for flat and textured multifilament polyester yarns for biomedical, medical and technical applications. Links to publications and
  • South Africa. Textile agency specialising in synthetic yarns to the apparel and industrial markets.
  • Latvia. Distributors of sewing threads, buttons, linings and interlinings, textile garments, sewing accessories, and industrial and household sewing machines. Also,
  • UK. Textile raw material agents and yarn merchants. Detailed product catalogs, including prices.
  • USA. Distributors of industrial sewing threads, and sewing machine needles and accessories.
  • USA. Manufacturers' representatives for single and double plied, open-end and ring spun yarns, from natural and man-made fibers and blends. Custom manufacturing services.
  • Turkey. Wholesale distributors of carded and combed open-end and ring spun yarns, from cotton. English, Turkish and Russian.
  • Germany. Traders and processors of filament and spun yarns for knitting and weaving. Technical specifications. List of trade events. Links to related sites. English and
  • New Zealand. Wholesale suppliers of rayon, core spun polyester and polyamide sewing and embroidery threads and needles throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific area.
  • South Africa. Wholesale distributors of spun and bulk sewing threads, from polyester. Also, trimmings for the garment industry. Color charts.
  • USA. Distributors of high-tenacity mono- and multi-filament yarns for sewing, knitting and weaving applications, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Also,
  • Brazil. Manufacturers' representatives for weaving and knitting yarns. Also, distributors of textile fabrics, machinery and dyestuffs. English, Portuguese and Spanish.
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