Textiles and Apparel, Netherlands

Textiles and Apparel Netherlands Companies Worldwide
  • Comprehensive lexicon of textile terms in English, Dutch, German and French. From Centexbel.
  • Germany. Independent, commercial textile testing and development company. Applied research in textile materials and products. Consulting, quality management and
  • Czech Republic. Textile testing and consultancy. Product research and development. Technical information and assistance. Materials and product testing and evaluation.
  • Greece. Independent laboratory for textile quality control and certification. Technical and manufacturing assistance. Applied research on fiber and textile technologies.
  • USA. Textile testing and quality management services. Physical, chemical and microscopic evaluation of fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel and home furnishing products.
  • Italy. Independent testing laboratories, specialised in physical and chemical testing, and visual inspection of textile fabrics, garments and sewn products. On-line
  • USA. Testing services for the carpet and textiles manufacturing industries, consumers, designers, specifiers, architects, and builders.
  • USA. Textile testing services for contract and residential textiles, and test method development services. Also, supply chain management, and warehousing and
  • Textile testing and quality inspection institute of the Korean Spinners and Weavers Association. Also active in textile research and development, technical training,
  • Internationally accredited testing, inspection and research institute for the textile and apparel industry. English and Korean.
  • USA. Multi-national materials testing company, providing weathering, corrosion, textile, flammability and environmental testing services. Also, development and
  • Italy. Independent testing and industrial analysis laboratory, specialised in materials fire resistance testing in the transport, healthcare, clothing, furniture,
  • USA. Research and testing facility for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and textiles. Testing of ultraviolet protection factor for sunscreen fabrics.
  • Canada. Independent company, conducting and coordinating the research and testing of protective apparel for military, marine, aviation and leisure applications.
  • Italy. Independent test facility for chemical, visual and physical testing of textile materials. English and Italian.
  • UK. Independent international laboratory for testing, inspection and certification of textiles and consumer products. Also, customised training services, and factory,
  • Italy. Textile services company, specialised in testing and quality control of woven and knitted fabrics for manufacturers, converters and merchants in the apparel and
  • Textile institute, involved in final shipment inspection for manufacturers, exporters and buying houses. Also, consultancy and personnel training services, and general